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Alcohol Addiction
Treatment Center

Alcoholism is a massive problem in the United States, affecting millions annually. The detrimental effects of alcohol abuse are often overlooked due to legality and ease of access to alcohol. More people die from alcohol abuse than drug abuse, according to the NIH. People believe they have their drinking under control, but in reality, they don’t. You may benefit from an alcohol addiction treatment center if you find yourself drinking excessively on a regular basis.

What is an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center?

Alcohol addiction treatment centers are a place to go for getting help with alcohol use disorders. You can get the help you need regardless of how big or small the abuse is. Treatment centers can help you live a better, more fulfilling life. Typically, Treatment centers start with medical detox and finish with an alumni care plan to avoid relapse.

First Steps

The first step in getting help for your alcohol addiction is recognizing that there is a problem. You have to know that you want a brighter future. If you admit there is a problem, and are willing to seek help to overcome your addiction, you’ll be more successful. You’ll need to find a quality, appropriate care to experience your best outcome.

Admitting there is a problem is a difficult first step, but it’s ultimately necessary to overcoming an addiction.

Treatments for Alcohol Addiction

During your addiction treatment, you’ll go through a medical detox. A medical detox safely gets rid of alcohol from your system. It ensures you won’t go through horrible withdrawal symptoms alone. Trained professionals will help you get through this process with the necessary care. You will receive a comfortable place to rest as doctors watch your vitals. You will also receive medication when you need it. The next stage of treatment is various therapy sessions to help you heal emotionally and find/work on the root of your alcohol problem. Therapies helpful for those with alcohol use disorder include:

Landmark Recovery’s Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

At Landmark Recovery of Indiana, you’ll be welcomed by caring professionals who understand exactly what it’s going to take to help you move forward in living a healthy, sober life.

You will be guided by evidence-based programs and therapies in your journey to recovery. Our alcohol addiction treatment centers ensure a path to healing through a combination of detox, therapy, and caring support. Our seasoned staff is accustomed to working with people who struggle with alcohol addiction, and you will get appropriately admitted to our intake specialist. Our treatment programs include:

An assigned therapist will help advise you on which program is best suited for you, depending on your addiction.

Don’t let your addiction take away your opportunity to live a happy life. At Landmark Recovery, we will help you overcome your addiction at a local treatment center. Contact Landmark Recovery of Indiana at 855-553-7487, and we’ll help you with each step you take towards the path of recovery.