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Group Therapy

Support from people who have faced similar problems can be effective in boosting your ability to recover from an addiction problem. Group therapy is a great resource to help you with your addiction problem. Our facilities in Carmel or Indianapolis offer a full group therapy program suited to your needs. Our treatment specialists will be there to help you overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol.

To address your particular addiction as well as any mental disorders you may suffer from, a wide array of evidence-based and holistic therapies will be implemented. Group therapy promotes a sustainable recovery to get you back on track. Your personal plan will be developed through the types of treatments we offer. Contact us at Landmark Recovery Indiana as soon as possible to learn more about our group therapy program.

Types of Group Therapy We Offer

Group therapy includes others who can identify with your condition and can provide you with a support system. You can share your feelings and thoughts in a safe, judgment-free environment to gain insight from others. We offer the following treatments in Indiana group therapy programs:

Therapist-Led Sessions

While other 12-step programs are often member-driven, a licensed therapist will guide you through our group therapy sessions. People will be given a number of opportunities to share thoughts and experiences in the group setting.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is included in the group therapy program. Many addictions affect the entire family. Family members are encouraged to engage in talk therapy, holistic activities, and other forms of treatment. Recovering together and reconciling while addressing your problems is encouraged during family therapy.

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

Set your sights on a hopeful future as solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT) helps you focus on finding solutions in the present. This mindset allows yourself and others to resolve issues associated with your addiction as quickly as possible. Group settings are effective for finding new solutions for your problems.

Seeking Safety

Similar to cognitive behavioral therapy, seeking safety is an evidence-based program. Rather than trudging up the past, seeking safety therapy assists each person in the group to focus on the present. This type of therapy is useful in treating trauma and other mental disorders such as PTSD.

SMART Recovery

If you are looking to lead a meaningful life, free from drugs and alcohol, the four-point program SMART Recovery plan is for you. The SMART recovery program is designed to keep addicts from giving into urges, to build motivation and perseverance, and to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle. SMART is like AA in that it has thousands of users around the world, but SMART doesn't require you to believe in a higher power.

What Can You Expect in Our Group Therapy Program

Our group therapy program is different than a support group. Group therapy programs in Indiana are therapist-led and more focused, while support groups may be self-led with lots of flexibility for discussion. Group therapy is an amalgamation of talk therapy and activities created to strengthen treatment.

Group therapy has multiple benefits including:

  • Support from others who understand your condition, struggles, and goals
  • Accountability and motivation to keep going with your program
  • Ability to improve the social skills that you may have lost due to addiction
  • Opportunity to help other people by providing insight and encouragement
  • A long-term solution: you can join a support group after rehab

Landmark Recovery of Indiana’s group therapy focuses on evidence-based treatments that are backed by scientific studies and research.

Learn More About Our Group Therapy Program in Indiana

Learn more about our group therapy program in Carmel or Indianapolis by contacting Landmark Recovery Indiana today at 855-553-7487. We will be able to discuss your options, answer any questions you might have, and get your treatment started.