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About Landmark
Recovery of Indiana

We created Landmark Recovery of Indiana to provide high quality and affordable care to those struggling with addiction.

Landmark's drug & alcohol rehab is here to help anyone in Carmel, Indianapolis, or neighboring communities in Indiana with an addiction disorder or problem. For those suffering from substance abuse and addiction-related diseases, our Indiana drug rehab can give them the help they need to get onto the road to recovery.

Landmark Recovery offers an alcohol and drug rehab program to patients that go through medical detoxification, inpatient treatment, and an outpatient program. All of our programs give patients complete and comprehensive treatment that will provide them with the best possible chance at long-term sobriety. While preparing for inpatient and outpatient treatment, patients will go through an assisted medical detoxification to safely withdraw from substances. Therapy and counseling sessions are part of the inpatient and outpatient programs, much like AA meetings in Indianapolis, to learn more about addiction and strategies to overcome a patient's problem in a healthy way.

Landmark's Indiana treatment center uses evidence-based treatment methods to overcome substance abuse problems. Medically assisted treatments, including drugs such as Vivitrol and Suboxone, are available for Landmark Recovery patients. These medications are used to help with withdrawal symptoms and narcotic dependence. Landmark is not a Suboxone clinic, but we can provide administration of Suboxone in a Landmark Indiana drug rehab center. To promote long-term sobriety, patients will go through programs like SMART Recovery and 12-step programs.

Landmark Recovery of Indiana is a premier alcohol and drug rehab center that has the staff and the tools to help patients- yourself or a loved one- fix their addiction without the excess travel. Thousands of deaths of Hoosiers have occurred due to the growing drug epidemic and opioid crisis in Indiana. Landmark is dedicated to being a part of the solution and is here for those who need it.

At Landmark Recovery of Indiana, we’ve built our drug and alcohol rehab treatment centers to match our high-quality, affordable, individualized programs making sustainable recovery a reality for anyone, anywhere.